Centrro is a vertical search engine designed to help consumers find personal financial products that best fit their unique needs. As the only full time Software Engineer at Centrro, I was responsible for maintenance on existing products and new product development.

Centrro Leads

The largest project I worked on at Centrro was an application designed to sell mortgage leads to brokers. Brokers can register on the site and create filters detailing the types of leads they want to receive and set a bidding price. Leads for mortgage loans are then immediately delivered to the highest bidder as they come in.

  • Back End Development

    The site was created using Recess!, a PHP Framework to which I was a primary contributor for several years.

    • Performed all necessary PHP development
    • Designed the entire MySQL database schema
    • Installed SSL Certificates
    • Set up cron jobs
    • Created a Job Queue system
    • Intregrated with payment gateway API
    • Secured application for storing payment information
    • Automated financial reports for accountanting dept

  • Front End Development

    I was also responsible for all front-end development

    • All HTML/CSS/Javascript development
    • Created and processed images using Photoshop
    • Responsible for 90% of the design work
    • Set up caching for static resources
    • Custom tooltips and modals
    • Logo design

General Maintenance

I also did maintenance for existing web properties.

  • WordPress Customization

    Installed and customized a wordpress blog

  • Various maintenance tasks

    • Implemented site rebranding
    • Integrated with third party APIs
    • Implemented new homepage design
    • Improved caching of static resources
    • Cleaned up HTML/CSS

Team (3)
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Contract Developer/SysAdmin
  • 1 Full Time Engineer (me)
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript(jQuery)
Oct 2010 - Jun 2010 ( 9 months )