My name is Kevin Burns and this is my website.

Recent Blog Posts

The Hidden Cost of Info Logging

Oct 31st, 2019

What is the performance cost of ignored Debug and Info logs in production?

The L in SOLID

Oct 21st, 2019

A case study illustrating the consequences of Liskov Substitution Principle violation

Top Skills

Software Architecture

Attribute Driven Design, Latency, Throughput, Efficiency, Scalability, Extensibility, Maintainability, Visibility, Documentation

Agile Planning

Scrum, Kanban, Planning, Retrospectives, Safety, Honesty, Ownership, Delegated Authority, Leadership, Process Measurement, Process Design, Automation

Information Architecture

The study and practice of information organization.

Recent Roles

CrunchyrollApplication Architect

Hired as a Senior Secure Application Engineer and skip promoted past staff engineer to Application Architect after 18 months. Read More >

Recent Projects


Simple fan-in batching for optimization of highly concurrent workloads.


A non-standard HTTP cache implemented as Go middleware.


A bloomfilter written in javascript ported to Go for portability.